Thank you!

All of us at UCT Autism ACSEPT would like to thank everyone who has made our research possible! We have received so much support over the years. From the large institutes who have supported us, to the youngest child who was willing to give us a few hours of his day, everyone has played an important role and we wouldn’t have succeeded without you.



We would like to thank all the schools who have participated in numerous studies over the years. We therefore thank Vista Nova School, Vera School, La Vigne Academy, Mindstretch, Alpha School, Glenbridge School, Oakley House, Chere Botha School, Bishops Preparatory School, and Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School.



We would also like to thank the doctors from Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital who have been instrumental in establishing and conducting our research. We would specifically like to thank Dr Kirsty Donald Dr Jo Wilmshurst, Dr Birgit Schlegel, and Dr Marie Wessels.


Several institutions and groups have also supported us over the year, so thank you to Autism Western Cape, and Ask Me I’m Autistic.


And finally, we thank our funders – thank you for the research funding that made our studies possible, and for the personal funding that allowed us to all pursue our dreams of doing post-graduate research in ASD.  We have received support on numerous occasions from The National Research Foundation, Harry Crossley, and the AW Mellon Foundation.